WSU Libraries Amnesty

September 18, 2009

Wayne State University Libraries Offer Amnesty for Overdue Fines for Returned Materials October 1 – November 15

We forgive you! The Wayne State University Libraries are encouraging patrons to return their overdue books and other library materials without penalty or fine during an amnesty period to be held October 1 – November 15, 2009. Materials returned need to be in good condition.

“This program is particularly important in the current, difficult economic climate,” said Sandra Yee, dean of the Wayne State University Library System. “It is more cost effective for us to recover the materials than the fines and we want to encourage patrons to continue checking things out without fear.”

Overdue materials can be returned to any library location in person or by mail. The amnesty does not include any fines from previously returned or lost items.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What kinds of fines are subject to the amnesty?
Overdue fines for items owned by the Wayne State University Library System that are still checked out and returned during the amnesty period.  The items must have a status of “Billed.”
2. What is not covered by the amnesty?
Fines incurred prior to the amnesty period. Fines for already returned items and for damaged items. The amnesty program does not cover fines on materials borrowed from Interlibrary Loan.
3. How do I know if I qualify to take advantage of the amnesty?
You can check your account through your “My Library Account” on the Libraries’ home page.  If any of your books have a “Billed” status prior to January 1, 2009, then you qualify.
4. Can I return my items in the book drop when the library is closed?
Yes, as long as you return your overdue items during the amnesty period your fines
will be cleared. You can return them in person or by mail.
5. When will my fines be cleared?
The fine is automatically cleared on your record when the item is checked in.
6. Will the library holds on my record also be cleared?
Holds will be cleared as long as you do not have a fine of more than $50 unrelated to items returned as a result of the amnesty.


Detroit Institute of Arts Big Art Sale

September 17, 2009

The Big Art Sale will take place on October 1 and 2 at DuMouchelle Art Galleries, 409 E. Jefferson in Detroit, and proceeds benefit the Detroit Institute of Arts.   Works of art valued from $250–$30,000 were donated by DIA patrons.

For more details, visit

The auction catalog is available on line at

McGregor Library in the spotlight

September 14, 2009

Highland Park’s McGregor Public Library is in the news today.  An announcement is expected Monday, September 14th about a new film entitled “Highland Park” that will detail the library’s closing in 2002 and its struggle to reopen.  It is set to star Danny Glover.  The McGregor Library was named for Katherine McGregor who donated the land for the library in 1918.  She was the daughter of lumber magnate David Whitney.

For more information about this exciting project:
Detroit Free Press – ‘Highland Park’ film may revive dormant library

More information about the McGregor Library:
City of Highland Park – McGregor Public Library