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April 28, 2008


Over the weekend, the DALNET blog received its 2000th site visit. 

Thanks for all your support!


Report from the MLC Technical Services Conference

April 21, 2008

April 15, 2008

Karen Calhoun, Vice President – OCLC WorldCat and Metadata Services, was the first speaker.  Her presentation was entitled “We are all Connected: Metadata Before and After the Web (2.0).” Calhoun encouraged libraries to surface their collections – to make them available to the online community.  OCLC through WorldCat wants to help in this endeavor.  A WorldCat widget is available for Facebook and Google Book Search results have a “Find this book in a library” option which links to WorldCat.  WorldCat in turn will drive users back to their local library’s collections.  Calhoun also suggested that libraries embed their presence into course management systems like Blackboard and WebCT.

The next speaker was Tim Spalding, the founder and lead developer of LibraryThing.  LibraryThing is a social cataloging site where users can catalog their book collections, join online groups with similar interests, and see who else shares their taste for books.  LibraryThing for Libraries (LTFL) is available for library catalogs.  Fifty libraries so far have subscribed to this service where other editions, reviews, similar and recommended books, and tags can be seen for a title.  Danbury Public Library, King County Library System, and Seattle Public Library (a Horizon library) are some of the libraries currently using LTFL. 

Nancy Fleck, Assistant Director for Technical Services and Information Technology at the Michigan State University Libraries, next presented about Encore from Innovative Interfaces, Inc.  She discussed the reasons that MSU decided to go with Encore and the features that they liked, such as relevancy ranking, tag clouds, facets, and a Did You Mean? feature.  Here is a link to see how it looks:  click here.

The next speaker was Christine Oliver of McGill University, who discussed RDA: Resource Description and Access.  She is the chair of the Canadian Committee on Cataloguing and chair of the RDA Outreach Group.  She gave a thorough explanation of what RDA is and the background of it.  Oliver also discussed the relationships between FRBR and RDA, and AACR2 and RDA.  The projected timeline is for a complete draft of RDA to be available for review in July 2008, first release in early 2009 and implementation by the end of 2009.  Also available will be a “crosswalk” to AACR2.  For more RDA information, please visit the Joint Steering Committee’s website at: http://www.collectionscanada.ca/jsc/rda.html.

The final presentation was entitled “Cooperation, Communication, and Collaboration: The 3 C’s of Workflows at the WMU University Libraries Technical Services Department.”  Sheila Bair, George Boston and Randle Gedeon of Western Michigan University shared information about the relationship and workflow between the cataloging, acquisitions and serials and electronic resources areas of WMU’s technical services department.

DALNET Cataloging Listserv

April 17, 2008

Don’t forget…

The DALNET office has established a listserv that DALNET libraries whose records have been loaded into the Single Database can use to query the office or each other about cataloging in the Single Database or other discussion. 

Please contact Cathy Wolford with any questions or about how to post to the listserv.

XOR Boolean Operator in HIP

April 11, 2008

In the advanced or power search option of their HIP (Horizon Information Portal), many DALNET libraries have the ability to choose the Boolean operators AND, OR, NOT, or XOR.  Though it is not a popular option, many people have wondered what the XOR means or how it can be used. 

XOR stands for ‘Exclusive OR Operator.’  XOR specifies that either word, but not both can appear in the record.  As an example, executing a title keyword search of “apple” and a title keyword search of “orange” with the XOR option chosen will result in items with the words apple OR orange in the title of the record, but not both.

WorldCat.org Citations Tool

April 8, 2008

View the YouTube video about how to use this tool:

Tips from the video:

  • Sign in to WorldCat.org, find your items and save them to a list.
  • Select the ‘Citation View’ tab to convert your list. There you can select the style you need (APA, Chicago, Harvard, MLA or Turabian), change the order of your list, and/or export your list.
  • For a single citation, click the ‘Cite this Item’ link from the item details. Cut and paste the citation you need into your document.

A Greener World

April 2, 2008

DALNET Systems Librarian Cathy Wolford took part in a presentation given by the New Librarians Round Table of the Wayne State University Library System entitled “A Greener World.”  Cathy along with WSU librarian Veronica Foster presented about “Reducing Your Carbon Footprint.”

Download their PowerPoint here: http://www.dalnet.lib.mi.us/wsu/green/nlrt.ppt

For more information, see del.icio.us.

Sites of Interest

April 1, 2008