Free Admissions around Detroit

Museums on us© from Bank of America

Present your ID and a Bank of America ATM, credit, or check card at participating museums on the first full weekend of every month and your admission is free!

In the Detroit area, participating museums are:

For more information and a calendar, go to

Target sponsored events

Museum Adventure Pass

Don’t forget the Museum Adventure Pass available for check out at local libraries (a list of participating libraries is here).

Guidelines from the Museum Adventure Pass website:

“Check out a Museum Adventure Pass using your valid library card at any library location. Libraries have a limited number of passes for each participating organization. Passes are available on a first-come, first-served basis and cannot be reserved, renewed or requested through interlibrary loan. One Museum Adventure Pass may be checked out per person, per loan period. The loan period is SEVEN DAYS. Up to two or four people may be admitted on each pass. (See the list for which organizations admit 2 and which admit 4.) Choose the museum you would like to visit and bring the card for that museum to the circulation desk. The library will give you a date-due slip that admits you into the museum through the date printed on the slip. After this date, the pass expires. You do not need to return it to your library.”



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