Board Member Alison Keller Publishes Book

Congratulations to DALNET Board member, Alison Keller, director of Rochester College’s Ennis & Nancy Ham Library, who has recently completed a second master’s degree and has had her thesis published by VDM (Verlag Dr. Müller).  The book is titled And a Little Child Shall Lead Them: Romanticism and Quakerism in Edward Hicks’ Peaceable Kingdoms.  Keller is currently on the Board of Directors for DALNET and has previously served as Board Chair.

The description from  “Edward Hicks, the American Quaker minister and artist, painted a series of works entitled The Peaceable Kingdoms between 1820 and 1849. This series of paintings is based on the Old Testament passage Isaiah 11:6. This book explores the intersection of Quakerism and Romanticism in 19th century America which is represented in Hicks’ Peaceable Kingdoms. Romantic themes in the Peaceable Kingdom are the concept of childhood, the presence of Nature, and the ideal of the noble savage. Romanticism in 19th century America was impacted by Christian Romanticism and the development of special educational, social, and spiritual roles for children. The presence of Nature is evident through the use of animals and landscapes. A vignette of William Penn and the Indians represents Quakerism and the ideal of the noble savage. Hicks portrayed his Quaker theology and the influence of Romanticism through his Peaceable Kingdom paintings.”

Available for purchase at


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