Jacob Lawrence Traveling Display





[The following article is from Outlook: A newsletter from the Wayne State University Library System, Fall 2008]

The Wayne State University Library System received grant funding from the Detroit Area Library Network (DALNET) for an outreach project involving the creation of an informational display.  The display includes digitized images of artwork by notable African American artist Jacob Lawrence, as well as descriptive text that explains and puts into historical context, his important series The Legend of John Brown, a suite of 22 silkscreen prints.  The prints currently reside on the 2nd floor of the David Adamany Undergraduate Library.

The traveling display will be a free-standing modular display system that will include descriptive text and graphics, along with an accompanying informational brochure, title list and bibliography.  Over a three-year period, the display will travel to libraries throughout the state of Michigan and to other non-profit organizations and institutions.

“This display will allow us to bring culturally significant art to libraries that are not equipped to display original works of art,” said Diane Sybeldon, Wayne State librarian and coordinator of the grant. 

For more information, or to reserve the display for your institution, visit http://www.lib.wayne.edu/geninfo/news/jacoblawrence/.


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