Library Camp 2008 (LibCampA2)

20 March 2008

Recurring Theme: Can libraries afford to invest time and money into development and new technology? Can they afford not to?

Session A: Drupal, an open source Content Management System (CMS)

·         lots of API’s

·         large user community for support

·         uses MYSQL database to store info

·         allows users to do blogging and other cool stuff

Session B: ILS

·         a division between the ILS and the OPAC is developing

·         The patron is the wedge: what do they want?  This should drive library decisions.

·         academic battle: letting go of wanting to teach good research skills; in the future teaching students to learn will not have to include how the find research items, it will just be easy

·         will eBook providers drop DRM???

·         can we use/embed web resources (sites, eBooks, etc.) within the OPAC instead of going to another site

GIMP (free image tool):

Session C: Web 2.0 in a 1.0 Library World

·         Twitter: RSS to Twitter sends the message to the phone

·         Sell 2.0 by implementing it

·         2.0 enables your users to contribute to the library

·         be prepared to show some staff how they will still be needed and to show other staff how they won’t need to do more work: paradoxical needs of staff members

·         it term: tagging

·         Creative Commons = free culture licenses

·         23 things; skokie 10 things

·         How can the library be WEB scale in 2.0 implementations?

Session D: Show & Tell

· free, hosted, customizable, installable search bar.

·         MTagger


·         AADL Gaming


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