Martin Luther King, Jr. Project


 Martin Luther King, Jr.

 The DALNET consortium is pleased to announce the launch of a new digital project: the Martin Luther King, Jr. Historic Speeches and Interviews website. This new collection includes links to YouTube videos with speeches by and about Dr. King. The website also contains a timeline, a brief biography of Dr. King, and links to other related websites. The official launch date of the project is January 21, 2008, Martin Luther King Day. DALNET director Steven K. Bowers stated that “This project is a unique way to remember Dr. King and his work in this year which marks the 40th anniversary of his assassination.”

Bowers conceived the idea of cataloging YouTube videos for access in the consortium’s online library catalog and systems librarian Cathy Wolford recognized the importance of creating a collection of links to videos featuring Dr. King. DALNET project volunteer Patricia Lewis spent hours researching and cataloging the videos, and she created the concept of having an online website for access to the project. Lewis noted “This was an exciting project and I loved working with the DALNET staff. I was inspired . . . .”

Visit the website: Martin Luther King, Jr. Historic Speeches and Interviews


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