Library Camp 2008 (LibCampA2)

March 21, 2008

20 March 2008

Recurring Theme: Can libraries afford to invest time and money into development and new technology? Can they afford not to?

Session A: Drupal, an open source Content Management System (CMS)

·         lots of API’s

·         large user community for support

·         uses MYSQL database to store info

·         allows users to do blogging and other cool stuff

Session B: ILS

·         a division between the ILS and the OPAC is developing

·         The patron is the wedge: what do they want?  This should drive library decisions.

·         academic battle: letting go of wanting to teach good research skills; in the future teaching students to learn will not have to include how the find research items, it will just be easy

·         will eBook providers drop DRM???

·         can we use/embed web resources (sites, eBooks, etc.) within the OPAC instead of going to another site

GIMP (free image tool):

Session C: Web 2.0 in a 1.0 Library World

·         Twitter: RSS to Twitter sends the message to the phone

·         Sell 2.0 by implementing it

·         2.0 enables your users to contribute to the library

·         be prepared to show some staff how they will still be needed and to show other staff how they won’t need to do more work: paradoxical needs of staff members

·         it term: tagging

·         Creative Commons = free culture licenses

·         23 things; skokie 10 things

·         How can the library be WEB scale in 2.0 implementations?

Session D: Show & Tell

· free, hosted, customizable, installable search bar.

·         MTagger


·         AADL Gaming

Friday Fun

March 21, 2008

“On the Record” but Off the Track

March 18, 2008

Click here to read “On the Record” but Off the Track: A Review of the Report of The Library of Congress Working Group on The Future of Bibliographic Control, With a Further Examination of Library of Congress Cataloging Tendencies by Thomas Mann.

Steven K. Bowers, a 2008 Mover and Shaker

March 17, 2008

 Library Journal Movers & Shakers

To read the article about Steven in Library Journal, click here:

Click hereto see some of the ways we are

expanding OPACs!

Friday Fun from Batgirl

March 14, 2008

The World of the Model T – International Conference

March 13, 2008


July 17-19, 2008

Dearborn and Detroit, Michigan

In 2008, the “Car of the Century” turns 100.  Celebrate this landmark event by attending The World of the Model T – International Conference, July 17-19 in southeastern Michigan. Two full days of programming will satisfy auto historians and enthusiasts of all persuasions.  Discuss, listen, and explore presentations on the impact and influence of the Model T Ford in the United States and the world.  Spend a day with expert guides visiting historic sites associated with the Model T story.  Enjoy a full day of presentations and programs at The Henry Ford, including a closing banquet in Greenfield Village. 

Plan now to attend this once-in-a-lifetime celebration. Registration information can be found at

“The World of the Model T” Conference is sponsored by The Model T Automotive Heritage Complex (T-Plex), The Henry Ford, the Society of Automotive Historians, and Technology & Culture.

Horizon, HIP, and Digital Projects: The Possibilities

March 12, 2008

DALNET members:  Don’t forget the next DALNET training class titled Horizon, HIP, and Digital Projects: The Possibilities, which will be held on Monday, March 17 from 1:30 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.

To register for the class, have your website username and password handy and click here.

FRBR Full Text

March 12, 2008

The full text of the Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records (FRBR) with corrections and amendments is available in both PDF and HTML formats at

Friday Fun from Star Trek

March 7, 2008


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